Cash For Clunkers Portland

Getting cash for your clunker in Portland is increasingly becoming a very scary and daunting task. This is especially due to the proliferation of the market with dubious individuals and companies. Any time you deal with such unscrupulous dealers, you expose yourself to a lot of potential danger. What you thought was a pretty straight forward matter turns out to be the worst decision you ever made in your life. So is there a solution out of this quagmire? Luckily, you can avoid all these troubles by relying on our company. We are genuine cash for cars company which has helped a lot of people get rid of cars they no longer need safely. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should only sell your cars through us.

We offer the best price for your clunker

Unlike many players in this market, our company has distinguished itself as a company that values its customers above everything else. Our principles of commitment to our customers and honesty ensure we do not exploit you in any way. We buy your car at a price which is deemed best for each party. When you sell your car through us, it is a win win situation. We do not take advantage of you in any way. All other players in this industry have proved over the years to be extremely hell-bent on denying the seller their honesty cash. It is because of this reason that you need to transact your business with a company that has your best interests at heart.

Cash For Clunkers Portland

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We are legal cash for cars company
Sometimes a seller opts to sell his or her car through the numerous “cash for clunkers Portland” companies available. This usually appears to be a better decision than dealing with shady individuals whom one can never trust. However, this usually proves equally dangerous as most of these companies operate illegally without licenses. Dealing with such companies can easily land you into a lot of trouble with the law. Because they do not transfer full ownership of the car, you are liable for parking fees, any accidents the car is involved and in the worst cases any crimes your car is allegedly used to commit. All these inconveniences result since you are deemed by law to be the legal owner of the car. You can avoid all these troubles by selling your car through a legitimate dealer; one you can trust will fully be responsible for your car after the purchase. This is what we offer as we are a fully registered and licensed company which totally complies with the law.

We respond promptly to you
If you want to avoid all these troubles and inconveniences, contact us today and sell your car through a trustworthy company. We are a bonded, insured, licensed and legal company whose overriding mandate is to offer a reliable solution to your needs. Moreover, we tow the car ourselves and once all the paperwork is completely taken care of, we pay you the agreed amount.

Do not stress yourself, call us today or fill the online quote for a hustle free experience.